Programme Committee

Rina Uzhevko

Head of Program Committee

Rina Uzhevko, Russia, Moscow

QA Lead and Chief director of the Department of Manageability in the "Korolevstvo" company.
Speaker of the SQA Days, Fun ConfetQA, Agile Days Conference .
Author of articles in the journal Tester''s LifeCo-organizer of the Moscow Testers' Club (MSTC).
Game testing as the main hobby and work.
Writes a blog at her leisure.

Alexey Fedorov, Russia, St. Petersburg

Tester from April, 2011. "Heart" and a part of "Brain" of St-Petersburg association of testers. Нe presses towards to see everything himself and to get at the heart of the matter, leaves everything in order after himself.

In spare time he reads a lot, listens to "Aquarium". Нe is a good company, a lover of stories, a great theatre-goer.

Igor Bondarenko, Belarus, Minsk

More than 8 years in QA. Speaker at SQA Days since 2010. Active member of Belorussian QA club.
Specialized in manual functional testing and security testing of web applications.


Sergey Atroshchenkov, Russia, St. Petersburg

Since 2000 working in IT, since 2007 to present working as Software testing engineer. Has been performing different actions as: Software Development, System Administration and Project Management before.

Now he is working as software testing engineer and internal trainer at the VIAcode.
The affection to dissemination of knowledge and skills is realized via:

  • telling about Software Testing;
  • soft-skills lections;
  • seminars and trainings soft-skills for testers;
  • speeching at conferences;
  • organization of conferences;
  • participation in life of professional software testers group in St. Petersburg, Russia

Andrew Myasnikov, Belarus, Minsk

I am a graduate of the Moscow State Pedagogical University. I’m about 6 years in testing.
Know all widespread testing methodologies and experienced in test design.
Also have experience in testing desktop (including online games), mobile applications and web.
Worked with different development methodologies.
I’ve passed my way from junior tester to head of QA department.
I don't consider the time spent at work.
In work I appreciate the focus on results.
The main thing: to reach goals and successfuly accomplish the task.
I believe that all should be focused on reaching results rather than on compliance with unnecessary conventions.

I'm doing my job, making World Better and perfect my skills and being useful for the Company.

Alexander Basharin, Russia, Moscow

I am working in testing for over 10 years (since 2003). During this time I've made a career from tester to the head of functional testing. I worked in the role of team leader, technical leader, test manager, technical presale. I received extensive experience in two large outsourcing companies providing services on quality assurance. Moreover, I have experience of construction and development of in-house testing department. I have wide experience in execution of testing projects and other related work in different professional areas. Also I acted as a speaker at three conferences of "SQA Days". I certified as ISTQB Test Manager of advance level.

Alexey Petrov

Alexey Petrov, Russia, Moscow

In testing from 2005. I have passed the way from Junior Tester to QA Director. During the way I worked in tech support, PM, development manager. Process-oriented manager, romantic realist, moderate perfectionist.

I believe that everyone is best to make the world a better and better, my front of work - software quality.

Andrey Ladutsko

Andrey Ladutko, Belarus, Minsk

In testing from 2005. I have tested desktop and web-based applications. At the moment I am a QA Lead at EPAM. I am working in Testing Competence Center.

I was a speaker at SQA Days - 12, -13, -15, -16, -17, and also at ConfeT&QA-2012 and 2013 (3-rd prize for a talk). 
I have passed ISTQB Full Advanced Level certification (3 exams - Test Analyst, Test Manager, Technical Test Analyst). 
Interests in QA: test design, test management, test assessment, exploratory testing. 
I conduct my professional blog-

 Alexey Vinogradov

Alexey Vinogradov, Germany, Frankfurt am Main

I was born, grew up, studied in Minsk. Graduated from BSU FPMI in the year 2000. Since 1997 I live and work in Germany. I was engaged in software development since 1999. Since 2003, I was engaged in first projects as a tester. Since 2009 I have made a testing to be my main profession. The main activity - work on projects as a tester or a test manager. Major clients - large corporations (Deutsche Telekom, T-Mobile, Deutsche Post, Swiss Post, Daimler, eBay and others) and companies producing specialized software for them.

Olesya Baranova

Olesya Baranova, Russia, Saint-Petersburg

In Software Quality Assurance from 2011, currently leading distributed team of talented QA engineers. Fan of clear processes and open communication. Love math and programming. Love people: talk to them, observe their growth and especially - be a part of it, learn from ones and teach others. Balancing between perfectionism and "le mieux est I'enneini du bien" ("best is the enemy of good").

 Andrey Pavlov

Andrey Pavlov, Russia, Saint-Petersburg

After years of working as the developer, opened for himself the world of testing, where having started from a position of the junior tester, reached Senior QA level.
"Liver" of the St. Petersburg association of testers.
Find himself through quality assurance in the T-Systems, the Russian division of Deutsche Telekom.
The destroyer of developers fragile hopes that they write a high-quality code.

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