Подойницын Даниил Сергеевич
QA - Ventra
Moscow, Russia
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  • 30.01.2014
    Ways to extend the zone of influence of your autotest system

    Usually, all attention is focused on the main the testing instrument. That he can , that he can not , what are tips and tricks interaction with the test program. But sometimes , the system under test are not alone. It's a part of a larger infrastructure , where you have to check interaction with external systems. Unfortunately it often happens that the verification of these external systems is already beyond the scope of your primary tool. What about, when you need to get things that is beyond the capabilities of your autotest application? If it's boxed product , without the ability to easily expand the desired library? This report is based on my experience. I would like to tell you about ways to integrate between the main autotest system and external tools.

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