Морозовский Андрей
Developer in testing - VIAcode
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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  • 31.01.2014
    Deployment Automation: overview, examples, practices comparison

    Many deployment-related problems occur on each stage of the application lifecycle. It can be caused by deployment process complexity and unpredictability. This session gives an overview of the full-automated deployment process that can be used with Continuous Integration and Delivery practices. Deployment Automation allows everybody to get clean production-like template-based environments with already configured ready to use (or test) Product on demand. We will talk about reasons to introduce Deployment Automation to your development and delivery processes. Then we will look to real Deployment Automation solution based on System Center and compare it to other options based on VMware, RedGate, ex. InRelease and others.

    • Easy
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 15
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