Любин Игорь Евгеньевич
head of qa - ozon.ru
Moscow, Russia
Talks (4)
  • 04.09.2021
    Testability - how to make software easy for testing

    Everyone wants to produce quality software. To do this, companies hire testers. But sometimes testers are unable to influence quality due to some limitations. They can't write good autotests, build a locator to push a button, don't know where to get test data. I hold the view that quality needs to be built into the developers themselves, into the processes, into the software.

    In this talk, I want to tell you about how to improve quality and make the software more testable, how you can increase the efficiency of the tester's work and remove a number of limitations.

    Why should testers go to the talk: 

    • You will learn how you can change the way of things and make your work more comfortable. 
    • You will learn what you can demand from development to make your autotests easier to write and without kludge. 
    Why do you need to show the talk to developers: 
    • Testers need help, and to help you need to know what can be done? 
    • Only the developer's hands can build quality into an application.

    • Easy
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 29
  • 04.02.2021
    Visualisation of automatic test results with Grafana

    Do you have enough test reports? 

    Would you like to have on one screen? 

    • Real-time test results 
    • Slices by the environment, browsers, device types, features, commands and whatever
    • Test execution time
    • The regularity of test execution during the day
    • Test coverage of pages and actions on pages
    • Infrastructure operability
    • Release results  

    Do you want to have test results in front of your developers' eyes? 

    In this talk, I will explain how we at Ozon use Grafana to visualize test results.

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 28
  • 15.09.2020
    How to test an online store website in 5 minutes?

    Every day on the Ozon.ru website, more than 3 million visitors choose from 6 million products, make more than 200 thousand orders. At the same time, having a relatively small staff of testing specialists, we work every day to improve the customer experience. We make 10 site updates a day. Release time is 20-25 minutes. 

    In this talk I will tell you how we put the testing of the site in 5 minutes and at the same time did not lose in coverage and quality. For the listeners, I will give step-by-step instructions on how to come to this. I'll tell you about the difficulties that were on the way of improvement.

    • Easy
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 27
  • 27.08.2016
    Automation testing principles

    Well delivered automated testing provides a great opportunity. But most of the reports and testers at the conference are manual-typel. Some developers in general are skeptical about testing. If the project has automated testing but somehow through the UI, when tests work long and unstable. Developing automated testing on a project is not easy. It is easier when there are guidelines. So I have a reference to a set of principles and rules that formed over the years. In this short report I will try to describe a number of problems and try to provoke the audience to build at an effective automation testing.

    • Easy
    • 20 min
    • SQA Days / 20
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