Mitev Mitko
Keynote Speaker/ CEO - Quality House Ltd.
Amsterdam, Netherlands

With more than 25 years experience in the software quality assurance and more than 20 years experience as Project and Test Manager, Mitko Mitev is one of the leading software test experts in South East Europe. He dedicated his professional life to the promotion of QA and Test professions, particularly in South East Europe. Being a part of the International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB) and President of the South East European Testing board (SEETB) Mitko has been actively participating in their efforts for setting and improving international standards in the Software Quality. Mitko is also the Chief Editor of the Quality Matters Magazine, distributed internationally with focus on the best leading practices and new trends in the area. His commitment to the promotion of the Software Quality is also demonstrated by taking the role of the Chair of the SEETEST Conferences and participation in other software quality assurance conferences. He is also actively participating as a Speaker in different conferences and is proud to be part of the SQA Conference.
In the past few years he has been focused mainly on writing course materials, books and articles that will enable everybody to learn more about the field of the software testing. Along with that, he is the owner of an outsourcing and consultancy company in Bulgaria – Quality House – market leader in offering highly professional testing services.

Talks (5)
  • 12.02.2018
    The Future of Software Testing

    Many of us wonder what the future of software might look like, considering the rapid changes and development of new technologies that we face every day. Surely, some of us wonder if the job of the software tester will continue to exist or will be made redundant. In fact, the future of software testing is…testing. The processes for development will continue to develop, there will be even more sophisticated tools and the automation will definitely increase, but the software tester position will continue to exist, even though it will evolve and we will have to be prepared for the new realities.

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  • 11.09.2017
    Software Disasters

    In today’s world when we are more and more dependent on the software in our everyday life when the Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere and seems to be the future; when we talk about autonomous homes, cars, it is essential that we build the software as defect-less as possible. 

    Because, exponentially with the growth of the new technologies, the impact of a software disaster upon the economics and the human lives is also increasing. To prevent this from happening, first, we have to look into the past and learn from the mistakes done so far. Especially in times when lots of people think testing is not needed as we already have DevOps, continuous everything, etc.

    Surely there are thousands of examples of software failures due to improper or poor testing, design flows, bad requirements, etc. 

    This keynote focuses on the worst ones and their causes so that we can all know how to avoid such mistakes that might even lead to greater disasters. Never take Software Quality lightly!

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  • 26.07.2016
    10 signs your testing is not enough

    Have you ever experienced the following situation?
    You and your team give your best to test a software product and in the end, when it goes live your expectations of great quality are not met? The product that is now live turns out to be a failure rather than the success you expected. Your reputation is ruined and you feel  guilty and not quite the professional you thought you were. You review the process, the test cases, the documentation and your actions, trying to figure out what you did wrong?
    It is not always up to you and to your team when a product fails. The signs your testing is not enough are numerous and difficult to be found and yet, every professional must be aware of those pitfalls. Though diverse, there are around 10 frequently seen reasons why your testing is not enough. 

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  • 12.03.2016
    The Challenge of Accepting Software

    Often neglected, one of the most important phases in making sure that the software meets the user requirements is acceptance testing. The challenges it sets are numerous and thus, many project managers face the hard decision how to organize the process that requires not only technical knowledge but also demands to be able to put themselves in the user’s shoes. Being aware of the problems that will be met and relying on the testing performed so far, many neglect the need of conducting the acceptance testing using both external and internal resources. This may result in great loss for the company as the end user is dissatisfied by the software and refuse to use it. The company will face profit loss and what is most important – it will lose reputation.
    That is the reason why each project manager shall be aware of the main challenges of organizing and conducting the acceptance testing. The benefits from it are numerous and will only lead you and your team to a greater success.

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  • 14.09.2015
    Test Outsourcing in Eastern Europe

    For the last decade, the face of the typical outsourcing has changed. More and more companies are now inclined to invest in nearshoring in the geographically closer countries of Eastern Europe than in India - the preferred partner in the past. The reasons for outsourcing in Eastern Europe are many, one of the most usually said is the lack of the "Yes, sir" culture. But as there are many benefits of outsourcing in Eastern Europe, there are also many risks to do so, some of them connected to the security and the loss of the management on behalf of the client. Are there reasonable constrains to stop nearshoring or the benefits are more than initially imagined? Is the Eastern Europe the next India for outsourcing and why is better in any other location? These questions and a lot more will be the subject of our talk today. We will discuss outsourcing in general more specifically test outsourcing and other issues connected to the quality of a software product.

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