Усов Андрей Игоревич
Moscow, Russia

С 2013 года по настоящее время занимаюсь тестирование различных продуктов в 2ГИС на всех этапах разработки.

В данный момент тестирую back-end приложения и web сервисы под OS Linux, разрабатываю для них автоматические тесты на Python. Также занимаюсь созданием различных инструментов для тестирования взаимодействия мобильных клиентов с серверами.

Имею опыт тестирования мобильных приложений под Android и iOS.

Talks (1)
  • 02.10.2015
    Testing mobile application in the realities of the mobile network

    Almost any mobile application needs access to a network in which each node can fail. Do you control reaction of the application to these failures? How often? How much time does it take? How many people can do it without any additional training? 

    Manual configuration of the servers and network configuration are time-consuming process. And if you have multiple servers? The problem becomes almost unsolvable. 

    I will tell you about: 
    • Typical errors in the network; 
    • Some of the "unexpected" network features mobile platforms iOS and Windows Phone; 
    • Automate the deployment of network environments via Ansible and Python as an example of data update system testing in the application 2GIS; 
    • How it helps to find defects, and make testing easier.

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    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 18
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