Гордеева Дарина
Head of QA / Руководитель отдела тестирования - Interactive agency AGIMA
Moscow, Russia

За пять лет работы в IT прошла путь от ручного тестировщика и автоматизатора до руководителя отдела тестирования. Под моим руководством в AGIMA успешно введены системы workflow и автоматизации процессов. В данный момент осуществляю управление релизами и комплексный контроль качества digital-проектов для крупнейших российских компаний: АльфаСтрахование, Мегафон, World Class, OBI, Российская газета, X5 Retail Group и многие другие.

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Talks (2)
  • 31.07.2017
    API. The silver bullet in the clip of advices

    Is there an API development on your project, but you still have no quality control as a process? 

    Is anybody responsible for the quality of the released product at your well established process? 

    QA team complain about developers team not writing unit tests again?

    To learn from mistakes or to use well-known decisions: what is better? 

    I would like to tell about the process and team mistakes and to show specific examples of how to avoid different mistakes starting with projecting of testing framework and test automation tool selection up to API versioning and productivity measurement. 

    And let them say that there is no silver bullet. Actually there is and exactly for your problem.

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    • 20 min
    • SQA Days / 22
  • 28.03.2016
    QA role in providing 99,9% uptime

    Today projects become bigger, multi-tasking, more complicated and expensive to develop. In order to solve all business problems you should constantly work on failover and resource availability. I'll show you how do we provide 99.9% uptime due to the co-operation of developers, QA, and administrators.

    • Average
    • 20 min
    • SQA Days / 19
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