Szell Szilard
DevOps Evangelist, Test Coach - Nokia
Espoo, Finland

Szilard Szell's main goal during the last 18 years has been to help people become addicted to Software Testing both within Nokia and worldwide. He is a DevOps change agent, Scaled Agile Program Consultant, and Test Coach at Nokia Networks. He holds several ISTQB Certificates, including the Expert Level – Improving the Test Process, as well as DevOps, SAFe, IREB, Scrum Master and Lean Six Sigma certificates. Seem his hobby is to collect certificates, but the truth is He is a collector of LEGO sets! :-)

Lately he moved to Finland, working still for NOKIA as a global DevOps evangelist and Scaled Agile Framework Program Consultant. He is also the President of the Hungarian Testing Board, representing Hungary in ISTQB, and the Chairman of the Processes and Compliance Work Group of ISTQB.

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  • 15.11.2018

    The aim of this workshop is to let the participants learn the very essence of DevOps on a workshop that is built using LEGO Serious Play technique. 

    We will simulate 4-5 Iterations, using LEGO to build and deploy user stories into Production. After setting the stage, I start forming two teams (6-7 member each, so 12-14 max for the Workshop) a Dev and an Ops, with instructions, deliverables and Performance Indicators. We run cc. 10 minutes Iterations, then run a Retrospective at the end of Each to learn and adjust.

    After 4-5 Iterations the teams start to reform themselves based on their practical learning, and build speed and efficiency into their working practice.

    At the end of the workshop we discuss the learnings and key takeaways.

    This workshop has been run sever times (covering hundreds of people, from engineers, through customer support, and even finance) in several Countries with great success in teaching the basic concept of DevOps culture.

    • Easy
    • 1h 30 min
    • SQA Days EU / 1
  • 15.11.2018
    Exploratory Testing and BugHunting: how does it fit to DevOps?

    Last year at SQADays #23, in Minsk, I presented Bug Hunting in the Boot Camp, with a lot of interest, so I decided to share the main steps of my 5 years journey on BugHunting.

    The presentation is sharing a case study on how to excel in exploratory testing, and how to make bug hunting events a crucial part of the life of a test team. Additionally i will share how this concept fits into Scaled Agile Framework and DevOps, how it can be embedded, and how it helps to achieve the goals of these.

    The presentation have been held on some Conferences in the past, but it will be updated based on latest learnings, bencmarks and tailored to the need of the audience

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days EU / 1
  • 05.03.2018
    Cornerstones of Testing in DevOps

    DevOps promises faster time-to-market and frequent delivery of continuous value for customers, but it needs a major cultural change and a significant technical revolution from the organisation.

    • Why do we need DevOps? 
    • What it exactly is? 
    • How should a tester behave in a DevOps team? 
    • What are the practices to learn? 
    • What are the tools to use? 

    These are just some of the questions you face as a DevOps transformation agent in a big multinational company on its journey. To be able to answer these questions and guide multiple product lines at the same time on their way, a small DevOps evangelist team shall have a tool to navigate: where we are now, and how can we get to the target state. With this goal in mind, we have developed a DevOps Maturity Assessment, having 12 Categories to focus on. In my talk, I will walk through the audience on the structure of the Model we built, with a special focus on Testing area. I will share some major aspects of DevOps that a tester should know and apply.

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 23
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