Kondreddy Rakesh
Senior Software Test Engineer - Ellucian
Bangalore, India

Currently working at Ellucian and Ex-oracle and am responsible for end-to-end quality assurance educates teams to follow Test Pyramid. A practical engineer strives to prevent defects rather finding them contributes to both functional and non -functional areas. Focuses on any task at hand and able to utilize existing test knowledge and experiences to come up with practical solutions and alternatives.

Talks (2)
  • 13.06.2019
    Visual Test Automation for Coders and Non-coders - Deploy quality Features with speed

    We are in a digital world where every organisation is trying to push code to live production to showcase exciting features and content in lightening way without compromising quality. However, with test automation mostly being performed today for functionality, many websites are left lacking usability. This is because functional testing doesn’t test for how a page looks across different browsers and screen sizes, change in CSS, layout, and content. This is where visual testing (VT) comes in, complementing the efforts of functional testing. 

    VT is an image processing technique. We can perform VT either manually using Look-alike ( Non-coders) plugin or using Test Automation libraries like (open source) Selenium, javax image IO, java AWT image and (commercial) libraries like Applitools

    In this talk, I will tell about the visual testing, the latest trends and tools for ensuring that only the highest quality of the new website features and capabilities make it to market with speed.

    • Easy
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 26
  • 07.07.2018
    Manual and Automated Accessibility Implementation

    Reduce manual efforts by 70% provides ROI and quicker feedback by test automation of Accessibility workflows with an integration of Selenium & HTML code sniffer Enhancing customer base by enabling applications accessible to leads including differently abled/ having special needs and abide by WCAG

    • I would like to concentrate on 4 principles mainly ( POUR - perceivable, operable, understandable, Robust) and 12 guidelines of Text alternatives by providing alt attributes, Time based media by proving captions, Adaptable by all assistive technologies like screen readers/magnifiers, Distinguishable, Keyboard accessible

    • This paper describes manual testing by reviewing HTML code and automated Accessibility techniques using evaluation tools like Voice over, AXE, HTML code sniffer, WAVE, A checker, W3c Mobile ok analyser, colour contrast analyser useful for developers and QA within their automated scripts

    • Easy
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 24
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