Бушмелева Ирина
QA Lead - SimbirSoft
Ulyanovsk, Russia

В it я с 2004 года, начинала разработчиком, базистом. В тестировании с 2013 года, тестировала и мобильные приложения и web и api. 

С 2016 года я QA Lead, на настоящий момент QA Lead большой и дружной команды из 20 человек.

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  • 29.02.2020
    Mobile application in 100 days. The risks

    I will give you an example of our mobile application to explain how to manage the risks of a small time-limited project. After all, if there is a possibility for the risk to come to life, it is more likely to happen. 

    Initial data: terms for the development of the application - 3 months or 100 days, there is a design, a database is ready and BACK as well, the only FRONT is needed. 

    Excellent baseline and timing for MVP. What could have gone wrong? Everything!

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