Демина Наталия
тестировщик - ООО "ФОРТИС"
Saint Petersburg, Russia

Демина Наталия, начала карьеру в IT с должности специалиста по внедрению. За 5+ лет работала гад проектами разного масштаба и в самых разных командах: от "один тестировщик на 3 проекта" до распределенного отдела тестирования 50+ человек, работающих над одним проектом.

За это время занимала роли: специалист по внедрению, тестировщик, ведущий тестировщик, тест-аналитик, аналитик, наставник.

Любит книги по менеджменту и курсы по программированию. 

Поиск новых подход и оптимизация процессов QA уже стал хобби.

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  • 06.12.2020
    How to stop being a slave of test cases and become their master

    Within the talk, I want to share my experience of optimising the testing process in our company. We reduced the time needed to write and update manual and autotests while increasing testing and test documentation quality.

    We used the principle of model-based testing by developing a test documentation generator.

    Almost every system is complex, and building a model is a simplification, but the simpler the model, the higher the probability of missing something important. I will tell you how we managed to avoid this by building a model of the system from events like bricks. We describe each event in isolation from each other, which is much easier than describing the entire system as a whole. Then we select a test design that meets our goals.

    Model + Test Design = Test cases

    This approach guarantees structured, consistent, high-quality test documentation in a minimum of time. All of that, I will demonstrate with specific examples.

    Stop working on cases! Let the cases work for you!

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