Zbigniew Mockun
Engineering Manager / Global Head of QA Practice - Cognifide Polska

Zbyszek Moćkun - He started his career years ago working for Motorola corporation, then moving to medium size company – CapeTechnologies to finally land at a startup called Cognifide, where he has worked for over 11 years. In this International company, he has taken a reverse journey from a startup to a corporation (like Tolkien’s “There and back again”). He understands the importance of values and ranks them higher than processes, which often contradict those values, especially as the company grows. He can also see the big picture and understands that grow gives new opportunities.
Co-Founder of the oldest Polish testing meetup – PTAQ, and a series of podcasts (TestingParrot), and frequent speaker. Currently working as Clan Head / Engineering Manager, previously as Global Head of QA Practice at Cognifide. He also helps other companies as a consultant for growth and transformation processes.

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  • 31.07.2019
    Automation in the world of projects

    The world of software house is always a compromise between quality and costs. In many cases, the cost-cutting starts from test automation. Then you start to talk about ROI but recognize that numbers are not on your side? We were there and find out that only a complete change in our approach allows us to find common ground with our clients. I will reveal one detail from the presentation  - we are not talking about test automation with clients anymore - and it works as we do it more and more.

    Are you interested? Join me and listen to our story about transformation in the area of test automation.

    You will explore the world of software houses and you will find out:
    1. How to talk about test automation with business instead of using ROI, test coverage, …

    2. How to increase a project’s revenue in an unobvious way

    3. How to implement a whole team approach and be lean instead of creating fixed roles in the project team

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    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 26
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