Перевозкина Ольга Евгеньевна
Sr QA Engineer - Plesk
Novosibirsk, Russia

Я в тестировании с 2013 года. Я самого начала моей карьеры я много общалась с пользователями и работала над решением их болей. Это помогло мне понять, что мы в команде не просто пишем код, а разрабатываем решение, которое встроится в бизнес-процессы пользователя и должно делать его работу комфортнее и удобнее. 

Основные направления работы: 

  • тест анализ
  • тестирование usability
  • тестирование accessibility

Talks (2)
  • 09.06.2021
    How to justify a usability bug without quibbling and subjectivity

    Many teams have an unspoken rule: assign a low priority to the Usability bug and throw it in the backlog. 
    Even if the tester still decides to issue such a bug, the team may react negatively or start a dispute about where it will be correct to place the button. 
    This situation demotivates testers to create bug reports in Jira. And even if the page is inconvenient, incomprehensible and ugly, it is still easier to keep silent. 
    In most cases, the problem is the poor explanation of the impact of the bug. 

    In my talk, I will tell you: 
    • Why your bug report about usability was thrown into the backlog again.
    • What does "inconvenient" mean, and how does it affect business.
    • How to justify a Usability problem with numbers and best practices.

    • Easy
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 29
  • 27.08.2020
    How to test Accessibility and why this applies to everyone

    Many companies have a stereotype: "accessibility testing is about people with disabilities, but our target audience does not have disabilities." However, the availability of web content is about each of us. Someone has a broken arm and is forced to use only the keyboard, someone is working next to the window, the sun shines on his monitor, and it is difficult to see the non-contrast interface, someone is working with a slow Internet connection, and pictures do not load in the app at all. The desire to make the interface accessible is inextricably linked with usability, so that compliance with the standard will make each user's work more comfortable. And for business, this means that customers will become more loyal to the product and less likely to leave for competitors. 

    In the presentation I will tell you: 

    • what the W3C recommends for software accessibility
    • how these recommendations help users
    • how to test the accessibility of web content 
    • what tools can be useful

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 27
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