Weiss Robin
Software Quality Engineer - Vendavo
Ostrava, Czech Republic
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  • 02.09.2021
    Test automation aka “the testing killer”

    GIT, Docker, Kubernetes, CI/CD pipelines, Azure, Jenkins, JavaScript, Selenium, Linux, SoapUI, jMeter, Cypress, Appium, Espresso, Postman and many others…you’re a dead tester if you do not rule these tools or at least you are not trying/pretending to rule them. It is time to step back and discuss the reasons, why we actually do testing, because the endless debugging mock-up service that was supposed to generate test data, which is not working again, was definitely not the reason why I do test automation. I mean, test automation is essential if you ever want to have successful testing in your project, but have we really accomplished the goals of test automation? Is it possible that we focus more on the test technology rather than client needs? Let's talk about how test automation evolved from a newborn child into puberty.

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