Васильева Анна Альбертовна
QA - Ati.su
Saint Petersburg, Russia
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  • 01.02.2021
    Finding floating bugs

    Probably everyone has encountered floating bugs or flaky tests. 
    Was this a call to technical support that could not be repeated or a defect that was difficult to localize? 
    Should I close the task if the bug is no longer reproduced? Let's try to find out.
    In this talk, I will show you simple methods and tools that will help you find and understand the magic behind floating bugs. 
    I'll tell you about my favorite bug - race condition. I'll show you how you can find it using Apache JMeter and Burp Suite.
    The report will be of interest to everyone who has at least once encountered a bug that “is reproduced only in a certain phase of the moon”.

    • Easy
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 28
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