Кудряшов Денис
Инженер по тестированию - ООО "Леруа Мерлен Восток"
Moscow, Russia
Talks (1)
  • 10.09.2021
    Pure architecture in autotests

    When automating test cases, testers face several questions:

    •  How to organise the structure of a test project properly?
    •  What development patterns should I use?
    •  What testing tools will suit me?
    •  Is BDD evil or useful?

    And many others.

    In my talk, I will analyse these "pains" and show how we can avoid them. Following the principles of pure architecture, we:

    •  Make autotests easier to write and maintain.
    •  Will be able to change the test tools easily on the fly.
    •  Will configure interaction with TMS as it is convenient for us.

    All examples will be given for the Java language.

    • Average
    • 40 min
    • SQA Days / 29
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