Import substitution as a driver of quality assurance processes

  • 40 min

Imagine: your company has more than 500 testers working for several years with one tool and on specific processes. But an unexpected wind of change forces you to turn the culture around in the shortest possible time, rethink your quality processes, switch to new technologies, and build these processes as transparently and comfortably as possible for your colleagues. Do you want to ask how we did it? We will answer this question by telling you about our case and how import substitution has acted as a driver of quality assurance processes. 
Besides this, listeners of the talk will learn what a scoring model for assessing risks and release quality is and how with the help of this tool, you can persuade the customer not to put "raw" releases. And we will also share how to bring releases to the desired "roast" using a tool such as "release digest".

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