Product metrics and artefacts for QA recruitment in terms of soft and hard skills

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When selecting a specialist for a product, the product's technical characteristics and the complexity of its implementation are usually considered. But, if you look closely, in some products, even technically complex ones, middles do better than seniors; in others, strong middles can't "get out of the jams".

There are situations when there have been no problems with testing for a long time, but then they begin to arise regularly. Why?

  • Is there a difference between the products?
  • What should be considered when selecting a specialist and after the specialist has entered the product?
  • Is it possible to "script" the selection of the required level of soft skills and T-shape knowledge?
  • What skills can be sacrificed when finding the "ideal candidate" on a tight deadline is impossible?
  • How to track if a tester has "outgrown his product"?
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