How do you train a game tester and what does the international certificate have to do with it?

  • 20 min

Different development companies have different visions of what a game tester should be.

Since not only game testers but often no testers at all are trained in either universities or colleges, the testers on the job market are clearly not enough, and there are often big questions about their competence.

There are plenty of courses where someone talks about something that somewhere is considered necessary to ensure the quality of games. Typically they are read by testers from development companies that have released 2-3 games for a particular game platform.

Can such courses ensure the appearance of a professional? Doubtful.

The development of the ISTQB syllabus, which an international team worked on and has been recognized by the international professional community, greatly facilitates the task of training specialists in game testing.

The talk will reveal the specifics of game tester training and the reasons why a single basic approach in such training is important.

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