Vaccinate your Software, Build its Immunity

  • 40 min

How doing harm to your systems intentionally can improve their resiliency.

Chaos Testing helps in anticipating the impact of the outages and disruptions on end users. It checks the severity as well as how quickly the effect happens.

Every software has limits and multiple points of possible failure. By injecting a system with variables that have a likelihood of causing disruption, the vulnerable and weak areas of the system can be exposed by the disaster recovery teams. Necessary step-by-step solutions and protocols can be implemented which will eventually allow the software to become even more resilient and fault tolerant. Many companies still fail to understand that how will they adapt and modify their existing disaster recovery plans (DRP) to create space for these newly discovered cause-and-effect strategies. In fact,   they may be surprised to learn that effective and well-tested chaos engineering principles can essentially streamline the entire DRP exercise process.

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