DataHelper - a tool for preparing test data

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Home Credit Bank has around 300 QA's who do various types of testing. An integral part of testing is test data. Previously QA accessed the DB directly, SQL scripts were passed down from generation to generation, became obsolete, and were used uncontrollably. We have implemented DataHelper, a tool that automates logically complex and cumbersome processes of searching, modifying or generating data.

DataHelper is available both for manual testing (an excellent interface with a bunch of cool features has been implemented) and for automation (via client library, with the ability to use a repository with pre-found data (DataPool technology), hiding found data (BlackList technology), etc.). 

DataHelper acts as centralised management of all data, monitors services' relevance and ensures processes' transparency. DataHelper has significantly reduced testing workloads, allowed the automation of tests, and optimised processes of related departments.

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