Competence matrix in the development of the testing department

  • 40 min

Every manager sooner or later faces the question of which direction to develop their employees, but how to understand what a specialist already knows and how well he or she is proficient in testing skills. How to build an individual development trajectory for a specialist and not to lose your bearings. 

In addition to an individual development trajectory, it is often necessary to assess the level of competence available in a company, to understand at what level of development certain testing practices are. And by no means the most straightforward task is justifying an increase in an employee's salary. 

In my talk, I will answer the questions that have been pending for quite some time:

  • Competency matrix - what it is and where to start creating it.
  • How to select a list of competencies for a competency matrix.
  • What mistakes we made in the beginning.
  • How to apply the matrix in specialist recruitment. 
  • How we use the matrix in real life.
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