What quality means and how we improved it

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It's hard to believe, but product quality can increase significantly if minimal changes are introduced into everyday work.
Often experts talk about the "silver bullet," which changes the state of affairs on the project radically. If you think about it, the question arises - does it always have to be a large-scale change?
When we change processes on our projects, we don't often think about how long we will live with the established rules before new ones replace them. It's not always the case that teams evaluate the effectiveness of the changes that have taken effect, is the new process really what we wanted it to be? Often, we postulate quality improvement as the primary goal, but we don't always define in the beginning what the quality of the product is for us.
I'll tell you how we define the quality of our application for ourselves, what practices we used on our project to improve it, and why you shouldn't overuse someone else's practices just because they're "cool".

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