The way to Continuous Deployment: embedding e2e into release processes

  • 40 min

Lack of manual regression of releases with high level of quality of released functionality - myth or reality? Is it possible to release functionality to production with one click on a button and not be afraid about its state?

We asked ourselves these questions and did a lot to be able to answer them positively.

The presentation offers information about experience of the test automation team and show:

 • How we built release processes to get closer to full Continuous Delivery;

 • What tools do we use to automatically check the functionality;

 • Not only testers can test;

 • Practices and technologies for writing e2e ui tests;

 • Useful automated testing utilities.

The report may be useful for AQA engineers due to the analysis of applied technologies and good practices, for test automation managers, as it talks about the introduction of automated tests into release activities, and for team leaders due to a detailed description of project processes.

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