Automation framework layered. How to build TAA and prevent redoing later

  • 40 min

All happy frameworks resemble each other, and each unhappy project is unhappy in its own way. 

Automators don't like off-the-shelf solutions - they feel they lack something. In many cases, this is true, and then they take it upon themselves to write their own. The danger lies in intertwining layers too much or jumping directly between them. 

I will show a concrete implementation of the python+pytest/behave stack based on the generic gTAA (Generic Test Automation Architecture) schema from ISTQB and the connections between the different layers. I'll tell you where we stumbled and then rolled back painfully. 

The talk will be helpful for automators, allowing you to scroll up, zoom out, see the picture from above and potentially find new ideas for your TAF (test automation framework).

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