Useless and harmful quality assessment metrics

  • 40 min

You cannot control what you cannot measure. (c) Tom DeMarco 

All teams are faced with the need to measure and evaluate the development process, testing and project quality. I will tell you how to easily and quickly implement metrics in project processes without complicating the life of the project team and without demotivating specialists.

I will provide practical advice on how to start collecting and interpreting metrics, as well as share what mistakes to avoid:

 1. Metrics for the sake of metrics: because it is customary/necessary /told to do so. 

 2. Metrics as competitions: who entered more bugs into a bug tracker/completed tasks/passed test cases. 

 3. Collect metrics to calculate penalties: in whose code more bugs were found - the looser. 

 4. Collect metrics without further analysis and process adjustments. 

And other effective ways to demotivate, disunite and break up the project team with the help of metrics.

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