How can a tester raise the demand for his/her profession through personal development?

  • 40 min

The talk will focus on how personal growth can affect the development of a tester's career and improve his or her reputation. The talk will address several key issues: 

  • What is personal growth, how to properly define it for yourself and why you shouldn't listen to the people around you. Personal growth = success?
  • Goals and results. Focussing, or how to avoid feeling like a hell of an achiever. Why poor goal setting leads to a loss of motivation and burnout.
  • Doing everything at once or "step by step"? Why things that help others don't work for some people. Wrong and others' attitudes.
  • Working a lot does NOT equal burnout. Work-Study-Life balance. How to avoid burnout, prioritize and maintain balance so that work brings pleasure even in difficult periods.
  • How not to drown in the flow of information. Searching and processing information is a valuable skill in today's reality.
  • The relationship between personal and professional effectiveness and personal brand.
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