WireMock: The easy way to effectively test through REST and SOAP integrations

  • 40 min

Do you often face challenges when testing projects with REST and SOAP integrations due to the lack of real mocks? Do you find yourself waiting for development to finish before starting testing, leaving crucial checks for the integration testing stage? 

In this presentation, I will introduce a solution - deploying the WireMock service in Docker on the dev environment and linking your service integrations to WireMock. Using simple Java code, you can easily create various responses and scenarios to test your system. 

This approach is suitable for: 

  • Frontend testers who want to understand request formation and response handling. 
  • Microservices developers relying on responses from REST integrations. 
  • Those who want to write API automated tests considering responses from mocks. 

Join the presentation and discover how WireMock simplifies testing and enables you to work magic with your mocks for effective testing of REST and SOAP integrations.

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