How do we implement quality

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Sooner or later, every company thinks: "And with what quality do I release a product?". And that's a great question because it shows some maturity. But it has one feature! As soon as it sounds, it will give rise to many other equally critical derivative questions:   

  1. What is the quality for us?
  2. How or how to measure it? Can it be estimated? 
  3. What to do with the received metrics? 
  4. What are the standards? 
  5. And how to develop it? (approaches in quality) 
  6. etc. 

A familiar picture? :-) If yes - welcome to my report, where I will talk about the quality path that QIWI is currently going through. If the picture is not yet familiar - all the more you need to come to know what to prepare for :-) In the report, I will not only reveal the answers to the questions above, but also tell you about a certain way of transforming the quality implementation process in product development.
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