We are introducing a skill matrix: is it time to quit?

  • 40 min

The skill matrix is a convenient tool for self-assessment of employees. It allows you to unify the approach to determining the level of employees, as well as to build IDP. 

But, like any tool introduced from above, introducing a skill matrix generates a wave of anxiety among employees. 

Let's talk about the fears voiced by employees:

  • What if I don't fit into the matrix?
  • Can I get fired? 
  • Will my salary be lowered?
  • And if I don't participate, can they force me?
  • Will there be sanctions for those who do not fill out the matrix?

A manager also has risks and doubts:

  • What if the employees in the mass will not meet the requirements? Or sabotage the filling of the matrix?
  • And what about those who greatly overestimate themselves? Suddenly, a lot of work done won't take off, and the matrix will replenish the basket of bureaucratic procedures? 

In the talk, I will dispel doubts and tell you how the matrix allows Cinimex employees to grow, develop and receive a salary increase.

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