Workshop: Rocket Raccoon and Guardians of Software Testing

  • Easy
  • 1h 30 min

What if work could be a game? Imagine blasting away a boring task with a cosmic blaster and earning rewards for it.

What if you weren't just a tester, but a hero in a cosmic saga, destined to defend quality against intergalactic crutches?

In this workshop, we'll share our experience of injecting a bit of gaming into our work and guide you through this journey. 

Each participant will become a member of the Hero Academy:

  • We'll discuss and select goals for our mission.
  • Create a roadmap, which doubles as a task list (achievements) to complete.
  • Explore the challenging meteors that await us during execution.
  • And choose rewards for successful completion.

In the end, every graduate will have a list of achievements they can apply to their work.

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