Self-determination: What do I want from life and work?

  • Easy
  • 40 min

The modern world assumes you actively define your path rather than follow the standard career ladder. To successfully self-determine, you need to be able to address various questions:

  • How do you determine whether to move forward or stay in your current position?
  • How can you envision different development options and choose among them?
  • How do you distinguish between the challenges of learning and exhaustion when pursuing something not your own? 
  • How do you know when it's time to take a vacation to prevent burnout or focus on your family?

Answers to such questions are not taught in school or university; you must learn them independently. I will share some frameworks that enable you to think systematically about all of this and make decisions.

This is not my first talk on this topic; previous ones are on my website. However, in preparation, I discussed current issues with the Program Committee that testers often encounter, and the focus of the talk will be on them.

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