PDP based on the competence matrix

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Professional development is a concern for everyone, from the greenest of juno to the most experienced heads. Often, we see only two paths — towards automation or management. However, there are far more specialisations available, both within QA itself and beyond.

In my talk, I will explain how to navigate this diversity, drawing on years of experience developing teams across various companies, as well as my personal practice and mentorship.

I will discuss:

  • the construction of a Competency Matrix (CM);
  • how to create one;
  • how to conduct a self-assessment (if you are a specialist) or team assessment (if you are a manager);
  • how to develop an Individual Development Plan (IDP) based on the CM, considering both individual and business interests;
  • how to track progress for both the employee and their manager;
  • how to use the CM and IDP to assess a team's potential and develop not just individual members but the entire team.

After the talk, I'll share a template of the CM. Join us, it will be insightful!

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