Friendly Refactoring (Lightning Talk)

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Sometimes a situation occurred when you get a project and then it reveals that it is not what you expected it to be.

There is always a wish to start from the beginning - to create a framework from scratch, to build a new automated testing system architecture, to write tests, etc. It encourages and motivates to begin all the things anew.

However, the life always brings its own view to whatever matters.

The new project might not be quite new. It might happen that the solution for automation has already been developed, a part of the test scope is ready. And, moreover, this solution works not as it is supposed to work.

The situation may become more complicated when the team already working at this project is not willing to accept your changes and propositions on the refactoring subject as there are concerns about somebody's individual interests.

What might help? What needs to be done to make a properly working project out of the dying one? How to smooth or overcome the resistance expressed by doubting colleagues from a foreign country with a foreign culture?

All these questions and some other issues will be addressed in this presentation.



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