10 “testhacks” to improve your testing process

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A few years ago, thanks to programmers a “lifehacking” movement has arisen. Following the lead of Danny O'Brien (author of the term "lifehack") I took two words and put them together. But in my case, they were – “Test" and "hack".

"Testhacks" is a set of useful, simple, and most importantly effective tips that will help you in solving the complex targets and issues. For example:

  • How much time should you spend on test design and test execution?
  • What metrics are better to use?
  • How to test under tight deadlines?

The speech will be useful for test leads who want to improve the process of testing and testers who care about the outcome of the project and their productivity.

Perhaps, some of the tips may seem simple to you, others more sophisticated in your situation, but the most important thing is that they really work because they have been used on more than one dozen projects, made your work clear and easy to understand. Your work became well-organized, you save your time and budget. 



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