Automated testing and SMS (Lightning Talk)

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Web-applications, namely, bank client systems, governmental services, vote-counting systems tend to be combined with sending the confident information via SMS. During the development phase, SMS are mocked programmatically, that allows to test or develop automated tests without actual sending SMS to the real GSM network. However, there are applications, that rely on SMS sent by the partner systems, and SMS can't be mocked; there is no way to test or automate the application other than using the real SMS sent via GSM network. That makes testing and automation complicated. Also, there is a class of the systems named VAS (Value-added Services) that interacts with user primarily through the SMS; as any others, the testing of this class of applications also can be automated.

SMS receiving and sending can be automated with using of GSM-modem or old mobile phone with data cable attached to PC. From this report you will know how this test system can be configured for automated testing, which other possible applications are possible, what is PDU format and AT-commands, how you can send multipart SMS consisting of two first parts, as well as other interesting cases on the joint of SMS and web.



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