Selenium integration with highload-project
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The purpose of this report - to show how to implement and successfully use Selenium in highload-project with the continuous development within an example of my experience in the Topface. Automated UI-tests do not always pay off the cost of its development and support, so many projects refuse to use automated UI-tests because they do not see a direct benefit. In this paper, I will discuss not only how to implement automated UI-tests on Selenium, but also about how to build a QA-processes in the team if there have never been ones from my experience. Very easy to walk on a thumb, but when you find yourself in a situation that's up to you in the company of no one ever did, you have to pump and apply their managerial skills to make a difference. In order to make something happen.

It is divided into three parts. The first part is managerial. About QA processes and how to build them from scratch. The second part is technical. This part provides a brief overview of the developed framework under Selenium for Python, will be discussed in detail the construction of test reports and test environment for automated tests for Selenium. The third part - the union of the first and second parts. Actually the integration of technical solutions in the QA-built processes.



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