Tell me the truth, Scrum, when we should test?

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At the moment there are many information sources which provide definitions of Scrum, roles that are there in Scrum-team. But information about when we should test, how to build interaction between development and testing is very blurred.

I'll tell you the example of my team, as you can embed testing into a large Scrum-team of a large project and release every Tuesday.

Solving this problem we focused on three important points:

  • Planning. A large team → «large» planning. Is testing planned separately or together with developers? Do you need a special role for a man who will be in responsible for testing in your project?
  • Release. Who should be in responsible for a release and for integration dependences? When should you stop and freeze features? Who should monitor your product?
  • Automation is all for us;) How not to "drown" in the regression: unit-tests, json-schema. How to choose the features to automate and how to incorporate automation into the testing process.



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