Continuous delivery at a large internet project

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During the process of Continuous delivery in a large internet project, a tremendous amount of problems arise. We'll tell you how to automate the process and improve the quality of the product. Also from the report, you will learn:

1) Business, time limit and a lot of routine activities as the main motivation for the automation of the process;

2) How to build and automate the process of developing and testing properly;

3) AIDA. Our own tool to automate various processes;

4) Automation, routine operations in the version control system;

5) Continuous integration as a major step towards Continuous delivery

6) Our approach towards integration of version control system, bug tracker and the CI server;

7) Why we use our own tools to start and run automated tasks;

And of course, we'll cover the basic "rake" we've stepped on in the process of automation.



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