Tips and Tricks in the testing of search (Lightning Talk)
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Today it is hard to imagine an application without search functionality. A user needs to find the necessary information quickly and with maximum precision whether it is a website or a corporate portal. Although this task can seem quite simple at first sight, searching mechanisms hide complicated logic which can cause numerous mistakes. Consequently, sooner or later every QA engineer faces search testing in the context of functional testing.

In my report, I would like to generalize the well-known approaches to search testing. I will examine searching from within - its algorithms - and on the outside - its UI elements. In addition to theoretical generalization and known algorithms review, I will share my own experience in search testing, tell about the most unexpected mistakes which I have met, and propose a list of universal checks which are appropriate for a quick search testing in most software products. My report is useful for those who want to get new ideas applicable to search functionality testing in their products.



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