Clientside performance testing: prequel

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At the 13th conference, Marina Shirochkina told us how they test the clientside performance of the web applications in Yandex. They develop new tools to test applications that are unique in the speed and the load. This is really cool. But as the ancient Romans used to say - quod licet Iovi non licet bovi*. In other words, the majority of web developers can use existing tools and solutions to find and remove the most critical bugs.

At the 10th conference, Pavel Pavlov spoke about automated clientside performance testing. And again that reminds us of the ancient Romans who said ab initio nullum, semper nullum**. Simply put, to automate something one must in the first instance understand what should be tested.

That's exactly what I want to tell you -- how the browsers work, why sometimes sites are slow despite the fact that the server is fast as the wind, how can you find the most important causes of performance degradation (without developing new complex tools and without automation), and how you can improve performance of a website (briefly, it's a conference for software testers, not developers).

* what is allowed to Jupiter is not allowed to an ox



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