Your automation is only as good as the person using it

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Automation can simplify your life - they say… but, in many cases the assimilation of your automation systems is not as simple as you expected them to be.

A correct automation project would be one that is easily embraced by the person intended to use it, providing him more and more value.

This will allow you to continue and offer additional automation features that will provide additional value.

By failing to do so, you deny yourself the option to move on to the next challenge, as you need to operate your systems as well as writing them.

In order to proceed to your next automation challenge you need your users to be able to use the systems you have created for them;

Unfortunately, this is not always the case…. In many cases, we as automation engineers are missing on some very important steps on the way to a correct assimilation of the automation tools into the development process.

In this session will try and review part of what we consider to be “down to earth” and important building stones on the way to the creation of a productive automation process; Understanding your users, their needs, selecting the right tool for the mission, and providing good comprehensive automation solution on time.



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