Sharing knowledge is useful!

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My English is not very well;( "Use the!" said my internal voice, and i used..

"Knowledge is power!

This well-known thesis wants to supplement kinematogroficheskim "Use the force!". But the knowledge we really use every day - we get them, process and are applying for solving a wide variety of issues.

One way of augmenting their own knowledge - ... share them! It is not for nothing they say that if you want to take, you first learn to give.

In my report I will tell you how and why you should share your knowledge! Whether it's own post in your blog theme, training, master class or lecture at the conference!

All these activities not only increase the knowledge base of other people, but also your own stock. And also bring with them a whole galaxy of hidden opportunities and accretive acquisitions for someone who shares this knowledge!

What is it? Come to my report, and I will share this knowledge with you , so that you have chosen your side of the force."

Делиться знаниями- это полезно! from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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