Test Plan, for what and how to adapt itto your development processes
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I want to present the process of Test Plan design and implementation. The presentation will be useful for whose people who want to introduce it in testing process or still hesitate. I will present the list of the questions, after answering on them it will easier to decide do you need Test plan or not.

The answers cover:

-Will quality increase?

-What problems it will solve?

-Is Test Plan superfluous for your project or not?

I will give you some hints to begin.

When you start doing something it is better to use best practice. I will mention about Test plan standards: IEEE 829 and RUP. Also I will tell you about practice on my project.

Тест план, как и зачем его адаптировать под ваши процессы from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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