Testing Efforts Planning

  • 40 min

During the master-class I will introduce symbiosis of theory of planning and practical experience of our company. One of the goals of the report - introduce for Test Managers, leading Test Engineers or those who aspire to work in these positions , the methods of estimation testing efforts. Information will be useful during the planning of testing before the start of the project and for delivery date control during the project.

We will discuss :

- What are strategic, tactical and operational plans?

- What means "planning" for Test Engineers?

- Who is responsible for testing efforts planning?

- How is performed planning for projects with different methodologies?

- What are there the methods of estimation?

- Is it always makes sense detailed planning and estimation?

- Pitfalls of test planning and communication with other activities of the project.

- How start the implementation of planning and estimation from the "bottom "?

Technical and junior Test Engineers will look at estimation from the point of view of management and will answer yourself the following questions:

- How do I estimate my tasks? How do it other professionals? Can anything be improved?

- How make the Manager to stop ask about the timing?

- What is the difference of efforts and duration of testing? Or how to give tasks in time?

Планирование трудозатрат на тестирование from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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