Test Manager mission

  • 40 min

There are many test management tasks which are obvious: managing your team, test strategy development, planning, reporting, etc. Many of these tasks are commonly discussed on speeches, trainings, blogs articles. But is it really so important? How often could you achieve product improvements? Do you really lead your project to success? Can you affect on development process and quality?

In my speech I'm going to concern basic principles of test-management and to define the new, real test management mission:

- Does your project really needs you?

- Why usually you don't really need to improve the testing?

- How can you make your testing really usable?

- How to switch from testing to QA?

- What can you really affect in your project and how to do this

The speech is for experienced test-managers with open mind.

Миссия тест-менеджера from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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