ACC - creating test-plan using Google's method

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**ACC (Attribute, Component, Capability)** - method, created in Google for risk assessment and assistance in the software test-plan creation.

The main idea behind the ACC is to split the tested program into *Attributes* , *Components* and *Capabilities* . On the basis of these characteristics, a risk map is built. It's very easy to create checklists , test-cases and test-plans relying on the created risk map.

I switched to ACC as a basis for the test-plan in all of my current projects and got impressive results , especially in finding the critical errors.

To implement the ACC, open-source web-application is available for deploying on your own machine.

In my report, I will describe in detail the ACC method, its practical application, tell about success in using the method and problems I was able to get rid of while using it.

ACC - конструируем тест-план методом Google from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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