You and Customer: solve problems instead of operate requirements

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Who among of us has not faced with a situation when customer requirements were implemented thus he did not required at all? Hence, the implementation were changed many times, unless excluded.

In the report we will talk about establishing that kind of relationships with customer when main goal is to solve customer problems and not just to working out requirements. This report is not about “how to live”, it based on real (!) cases that was arising in relationships with customer. We would like propose a method establishing relations, analyze the combination of formal and informal communication, as well as deal with labor costs and payment issues. We also will consider the psychological side on different project phases. There is no way without that, because teamwork assumes no formal interaction, but communication and collaboration, with establishing partnerships for produce the value.

As a result, this approach leads to mutual success and improving realization of the potentials of you and your team.

Вы и Заказчик: решаем проблемы, а не отрабатываем требования from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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