Rina Uzhevko
Epam Systems, Moscow

Testing graphic. Art QA

Our life is unthinkable without the graphics and games as well. Textures, animations, effects - all this creates the wonderful worlds.

Without testing there is no worker things, the graphics as well.

I will talk about how the graph is tested when creating the virtual world in my report.

In my report you will:

  • learn about the ArtQA job and its activities
  • look at the real examples of test charts
  • understand why the same object can have different severity
  • be able to distinguish the functional testing of the graphics tests
  • will be aware of how and what measures are taken to the bug-users in the games and more.

The report will be useful to all those who work with graphics, games, or going to to do this in the future.

Audience level
Regular Talk (40 min)


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