Global role of QA Manager in companys life
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So, you have Scrum, Agile, separate DEV/QA teams, Project Managers and planning in MS Project.

But in the end of the 4-6 weeks Sprint QA team working 12-18 hours per day - and even with those efforts you must shift new release for 5-7 days. Sprint failed again...

In the beginning on new sprint project manager adding risks to fit the planned date.

Surprise! During the sprint You got several urgent changes which must be done and in the end of the sprint QA overtimes and date shift repeats.

QA teams are exhausted and skip simple bugs which will be found by users on the first day of production.

Let's investigate the role of QA manager in the global improvement of the situation.

The presentation will be useful as for managers and team leads as for those who are looking for their way in testing. I'll highlight points, which could be initiated by junior and middle QAs.

No standard practices and theory - only personal experience and best practices in several companies.

Глобальная роль QA менеджера в жизни компании from Vlad Orlikov on Vimeo.

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